Happy to announce: Anima’s new blog is live

Save valuable time. Get React code directly from Figma in just one click.

Overview ☝️

💻Developers: get code from Figma

Translate Sketch designs into developer-friendly React code

Overview 👇

Developers, now you can quickly import Sketch designs directly to Anima and get code instantly — without ever installing Sketch

Import Sketch designs directly to Anima and get React/HTML code instantly

Overview 😎

Access React code in CodeSandbox and navigate better

Get developer-friendly HTML code from your Figma design

Overview 👀

Anima for Figma is now 10x faster!

What is the difference you ask?!

Automatically generate HTML from a Sketch design


Turn your Figma designs into responsive prototypes

Responsive prototypes in 3 steps:

  1. Apply Constraints
  2. Connect Breakpoints
  3. Share responsive prototypes

1. Apply figma’s Constraints 📌

Download React components; group layers; convert to image, and code quality improvements

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Design to development platform

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