An open letter to Lorem Ipsum

Sorry Lorem Ipsum, but I must leave you.

You first appeared in the 1st century and you were popularized as a placeholder text in the mid 80’s. It is now 2016 and it is time for me to move on.

From Wikimedia

You see, Lorem, the times they are a changin’ and I no longer have to use scrambled text as a placeholder. It is time for me to use real data. Data with edge cases. Edge cases with weird usernames, long email addresses, square and round profile photos, and other weird sorceries that exist only in the magical world we like to call “production”.

This excerpt was found on a beach inside a bottle, in a land far away where once ruled a king named content the first.

At Anima we are creating a modern way to design user interfaces and experiences. We believe that at the time of the design process, we should be able to look how real data lays out in our creation. That’s why we created a feature to load real data into our design.

Data sources can be either local files or URLs

In our cool imaginary startup we are designing an app that presents a list of jokes in the main feed. We have an api that provides that list in the URL: and contains data in the following format:

In order to create a table view of these, we add the Table component:

An easy way to start would be to pick one of the sample tables

We fill the Data Source field with our JSON url:

Next we add Labels, Text Views, Image Views to the cells and bind the corresponding data:

First we select the “Name Label” view and then pick the corresponding “full_name” data field.
Here we select the “Joke Label” and then pick the “joke” data field.

We bind all the views to their corresponding fields. The list of fields to select from (the second arrow) is automatically populated from the fields in the JSON data source.

And we’re done!

On the left is the JSON data source, on the right is our populated design.
Final result as we run on device and export to code 🎉

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