Designing iOS 10-like interactive cells

Our mission at Anima is to empower designers to own their design. We are creating a tool for designers that enables designers to define, specify and architect all of the bits and pieces that encompasses User Interface/Experience and in the end automatically generate native code that is 1:1 to the original definition. This allows designers to be independent on other parties of the team such as engineering who sometimes have different priorities than the design team.

One of these bits and pieces are interactions. These small animations that happen when users interact with our app have a great effect on the overall user experience.

In this video we show how to use Anima to design interactive cells like the ones that appears in email conversation in iOS 10 native mail app.

How to create interactive cells video tutorial

Once our design is ready, we can export the native code and run it on a real device to verify that it’s exactly what end-users feel when they use our app.

Exporting to code

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Design to development platform

Design to development platform