How to Handoff Responsive Design

View Multiple Screen Sizes in Auto-Layout’s Export Specs

🤝 As we introduced the new way to communicate Auto-Layout specifications to developers, we began receiving great feedback from teams.

🐶 The team over at Wag! had some great insights on how to make it easier for iOS engineers to inspect Auto-Layout specs.

Wag is a mobile app that offers dog walking services. The app needs to support many different devices screen sizes. From iPhone 8 to iPhone X, to an infinite number of Android screen sizes.

To make this process easier, designers use Auto-Layout in Sketch, and then Export Specs to developers as a web link.

🔎 Developers can inspect Auto-Layout constraints, and Stacks as well, in the web interface:

🤙 But starting today, based on feedback from the Wag! team, you can also change the screen size:

But that’s not all. You can also view multiple screen sizes all at once:

To change screen size or generate an overview, click the Interactive Mode button

If you have feature requests, we take them very seriously. Send them over to us at or just send them over chat on our website.

Thank you for reading!

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