Production-ready React js charts in Figma

Design with React js charts in Figma with Anima.
Design with ready-to-use React charts in Figma! 👉 Download the UI kit here👈

Bringing open source libraries into your design tool

Anima’s answer: reuse, adjust, and improve instead of re-building what already exists! 👇

  1. Use popular open source libraries with extended functionalities
  2. Design it to fit your application within Figma
  3. Export ready-to-use React code and use it in your application

What is this for?

Prototyping with live components

  • Build demos in a couple of minutes
  • Get a live website with interactive & responsive charts — see here

Getting production-ready chart components from your designs

  • Design charts as you want
  • Get ready-to-use Recharts** components

Who is this for?


  • Create stunning dashboards — no design skills required
  • Build demos in a couple of minutes
  • Reduce your time-to-market


  • Design what your users will actually see
  • Don’t settle for “close enough”
  • Get live prototypes in a single click


  • Get ready-to-use responsive charts and simply connect them to your data
  • Stop getting components that are impossible to implement

👉 Start building your data visualization with our UI kit 👈



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